Before the horses crash into the ground…


Before the horses… is a piece that reflects on the concept of territory —the description of a space— by using complementary bodily approaches: chants, music, percussion, dance. The piece introduces these notions to the audience through the construction of a plural zone, a scenography conceived as an archipelago where every performer has its own autonomy while keeping a shared sense of kinship. This enclave has also its own extension; a skin that covers and sustains, embracing the scenic space as a responsive texture where every performer dwells.

– Veronica Santiago Moniello

For this work I have designed a system for real-time, live-processed audio that is spatialized across 14 channels. The live-processing, spatialization, and sample-triggering/processing is all performed in coordination with the fluid nature of the work.

This project is a collaboration with Veronica Santiago Moniello, Orlando Rodriguez, Ben Rempel, and Barbara Byers.

This work was performed for three days at the Potiker Theater in La Jolla, California in December of 2017.

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