Video and 4-Channel Audio Installation.

Splay is an audiovisual installation that serves as a continuation of my work with (dis)embodiment in digital representations of identity. In these works, I have designed software that takes both audio and visual materials and interpolates them into (and past) target forms. The visual component of this software accepts 3D models as inputs and traces a transformation into other 3D models. The audio component follows a similar process but with sonic material. These two medial layers are linked such that they form an interconnected assemblage, thus sonic properties affect physical properties and vice versa. The first inputs I tried with this system were models found for free on the internet titled “The Standard Male/Female Body”. In this instance I simply interpolated from the male form to the female form, and in a moment of apathy let the process continue. That is to say, if ‘0’ is mapped to the male form and ‘1’ is mapped to the female form, ‘0.5’ will give us somewhere in between. However, we do not need to stop at ‘1’ – what does ‘1.5’ give us?
This work is a continuous, unending series of these interpolations. Bodies become machines. Organic matter transforms into geometric constellations. There will be no loop, or even a linear path. All of these materials are subject to each other.

Splay was presented as part of the Sonic Fluidities conference at UC San Diego in March of 2018.

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